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BGA Down Under

Ross recently completed a month in Australia, teaching courses in Melbourne, Canberra and Sydney. Connections Down Under are not new to BGA: in 2015, at the request of the Australian and New Zealand Forensic Science Society (ANZFSS), Ross taught Crime Scene Reconstruction (CSR) Level I and II courses. Two Senior Sergeants who attended that course subsequently returned to their respective forces and began to integrate CSR into their Forensic Services Group (FSG) approaches. That led to Chris Flight deciding to host a hybrid CSR course for the Victoria Police in Melbourne and Charles Agius piggy-backing with a similar course for the New South Wales. Realizing Ross was in country, ANZFSS decided to host a Bloodstain Pattern Analysis course in Canberra.

From March 20-24 Ross was in Melbourne working with the Victoria Police. He then traveled to Canberra where he conducted a six day hybrid BPA course at the Canberra Institute of Technology from March 27 - April 1 and then proceeded to Sydney April 3-7 to teach the final CSR course for the New South Wales Police.

Of course, being Down Under, it only made sense to go an experience a little more of Australia, thus Ross spent five days trout fishing in Tasmania, an experience well worth the effort.

Our thanks go out to all of the students in the three courses and our three hosts. They took excellent care of Ross throughout the trip and were eager to see how the BGA approach to CSR can assist their respective units. Although operating under different laws and legal system, the Australian’s see formal CSR as a mechanism for helping investigative personnel to better analyze scenes and more effectively articulate their findings.