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Our mission is to provide accurate peer reviewed analysis of complex scenes in support of criminal or other legal actions. We provide outstanding instruction in bloodstain pattern analysis, crime scene processing, shooting incident reconstruction, officer involved shootings and computer animation. Discover more about the experts of Bevel, Gardner & Associates.

Additional services provided include:
Outsourcing of forensic analysis such as DNA
Demonstrative computer animations
Total Station 360© Scene Mapping



Bloodstain Pattern Analysis, With an Introduction to Crime Scene Reconstruction, 3rd Ed.
This is Tom and Ross's primary bloodstain reference. The 3rd Edition was published in 2008. This text is one of several study references used by the IAI for the Bloodstain Pattern Examiner certification program.
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Practical Crime Scene Analysis and Reconstruction
This is Ross and Tom’s newest book. It details both the theoretical basis and a practical approach to crime scene analysis. It defines and explains in depth the methodology known as Event Analysis. Invited authors include Iris Dalley, Matt Noedel and Dr. Scott Wagner.
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Practical Crime Scene Processing and Investigation
This is Ross' reference on crime scene processing. Published in 2004 it is a reference written by a crime scene investigator for crime scene investigators. This book is a primary reference used in the IAI Crime Scene Certification program.
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