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Bloodstain Documentation Course at Sirchie Laboratories

Ross was at Sirchie Laboratories this week presenting a special iteration of the Bloodstain Documentation course for the Wake County CCBI (City and County Bureau of Identification). 

The Documentation course is designed for crime scene investigators.  It develops an ability to recognize basic bloodstain patterns and provides the student significant hands on experience in documenting bloodstain patterns.  Students learn basic methods of documentation (e.g., Road-mapping) and then apply those concepts in real world environments (e.g., situations where patterns are located across multiple surfaces, patterns on ceilings, or patterns in areas that limit access to the photographer).

This course is currently offered only at the Sirchie Laboratories in Wake Forest, North Carolina due to facility requirements.  Open registration for this course is offered once a year. Students interested in attending this course can go to and find registration information and scheduled dates for the next course.