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How to Host a BGA Course

To host a BGA course, the hosting agency must agree to market and coordinate registration in order to meet minimum class size of 14 paying students. For their effort, the hosting agency receives as compensation, the following:

  • If the hosting agency achieves the 14 paying-student minimum, the hosting agency will receive one free tuition.

  • If the hosting agency achieves 18 -paying-students, the hosting agency will receive a total of two free tuitions.

  • If the hosting agency achieves 21 paying-students, the hosting agency will receive a total of three free tuitions.

The hosting agency must comply with the following requirements:

The hosting agency must:

  • Provide an adequate training facility to house twenty-four students, with moveable chairs and tables.
  • Provide additional space for the set up of scenarios (depending upon the class).
  • The training area must have available electrical outlets, extension cords, a screen or an appropriate projection wall.
  • Provide access to a copier for occasional handouts as required. Manuals and primary handouts are the responsibility of BGA, but as the class proceeds there are always minimal additional copying requirements.
  • Assist BGA in locating adequate room and board; however BGA is responsible for all associated travel and boarding costs for instructors.
  • Provide a shipping address, and be willing to accept deliveries in advance of the class, holding all supplies until required for class.

*The hosting agency is allowed to charge a small additional fee for refreshments if they desire.

Interested in hosting a BGA course? Contact Craig Gravel for more information: 405 706-8489