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Maine State Police Crime Laboratory Hosts Level 2 Blood Pattern Analysis Course

The Maine State Police Crime Laboratory in Augusta hosted a Level 2 Blood Pattern Analysis course the last week in October. Attendees came from Maine, Connecticut and California.  As part of the course, practical exercises included calculating two areas of origin for impact patterns on one target, microscopic examination of fibers as part of experimental design, examining bloodstained clothing to evaluate if a reported scenario was consistent or inconsistent with the patterns, practicing documentation of bloodstains and bloodstain patterns, and designing a scenario and then producing bloodstain patterns on clothing which other teams then evaluated. BGA blood pattern expert and course instructor Tom "Grif" Griffin noted that, in addition to an excellent course and group of participants, "the fall colors in the trees were superb and as good as photographs on any postcard!" Thank you to the Maine State Police Crime Laboratory for hosting the course in a beautiful location.