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Bloodstain Pattern Documentation Course

Bloodstain Pattern Documentation Course

Ross was at Sirchie Fingerprint Laboratories this week conducting the four-day Bloodstain Pattern Documentation course. This course was developed by BGA several years ago and is both facility and equipment intensive. Sirchie graciously helped create the necessary facilities and provides the cameras and supplies to conduct this course effectively.

The course is intended for any crime scene investigator and concentrates on proper documentation of bloodstains using the technique now known as Road-Mapping, a concept originally developed by Toby Wolson. Students learn basic pattern recognition, document two different scenes over the four days and practice skills such as proper use of presumptive tests and blood enhancement techniques. As an integral part of learning enhancement techniques, students spend a half-day practicing luminol photography techniques.

The course if offered twice a year at the Sirchie facility in Wake Forest North Carolina.  Prospective students can watch for course dates at either the Sirchie web site or on the BGA calendar.