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LA IAI Annual Training Conference

Ross spent the 10 and 11th of June in Lake Charles, LA presenting two workshops for the LA IAI annual training conference.  First up on Wednesday was a four-hour workshop on methodology for crime scene reconstruction.  After a 1.5 Hr lecture, student participants were required to apply the concepts presented to evaluate an actual homicide case and decide if they could refute or corroborate a testimonial claim by a subject.  On Thursday a shooting incident reconstruction (SIR) workshop was on the agenda.  Once again, following a lecture, students were presented with a hypothetical police shooting and applying basic SIR concepts asked to refute or corroborate two different claims about the incident.


Students Sharpen Analysis Skills Through Crime Scene Reconstruction Class

This Crime Scene Reconstruction Level II course took place in Conroe, Texas.

Ross and Iris just completed a Level II Crime Scene Reconstruction course hosted by the Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office in Conroe, Texas.   Class participants included primarily members of the MCSO Major Crimes Unit and the MCSO Crime Lab as well as students from the Plano Police Department and USAF Office of Special Investigations.

The Level II course concentrates on demonstrative evidence in support of crime scene reconstruction and includes evaluation of a major case.  In the photos the students are developing their reports, demonstratives aids and investigative worksheets to support their major case analysis. 

These students will now be able to demonstrate proper use of the Event Analysis technique to define objective information about a criminal incident. They will also be able to properly articulate their analysis to a jury.