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More Hands-On Experience for Students

The Bonneville County Sheriff’s Office in Idaho Falls, Idaho hosted a Bloodstain Pattern Level I course 15-19 June 2015.  Ross and Grif were the instructors, with student participants from around Idaho, the Unified Salt Lake City PD and the Federal Law Enforcement Training Center.  


The Level I course is a primarily hands-on course in which students create a variety of bloodstain patterns under controlled conditions, evaluating the physical characteristics of the patterns.  Students also learn techniques for documenting patterns and multiple methods of evaluating area of origin of impact patterns.

LA IAI Annual Training Conference

Ross spent the 10 and 11th of June in Lake Charles, LA presenting two workshops for the LA IAI annual training conference.  First up on Wednesday was a four-hour workshop on methodology for crime scene reconstruction.  After a 1.5 Hr lecture, student participants were required to apply the concepts presented to evaluate an actual homicide case and decide if they could refute or corroborate a testimonial claim by a subject.  On Thursday a shooting incident reconstruction (SIR) workshop was on the agenda.  Once again, following a lecture, students were presented with a hypothetical police shooting and applying basic SIR concepts asked to refute or corroborate two different claims about the incident.


U.S. Army Criminal Investigation Training


Over the last few years, The US Army Criminal Investigation Division (CID) has turned to Bevel, Gardner and Associates to assist in developing their Special Agents. These agents were chosen as Forensic Science Technicians (FST) to attend the Level I Bloodstain Training in Ft Gillem, GA. Upon completion of the training held on, January 26th – 30th, the FST students then attended the Advanced Crime Scene course at the Federal Law Enforcement Training Center in Glynco, GA.  Following this course, the students returned to Hunter Army Airbase in Georgia for a detailed practical exercise at 3rd Military Police Group (CID) Headquarters.  Bevel, Gardner and Associates is proud to say this is the fourth iteration they have supported.