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Bloodstain Patterns on Fabric - A new class offered by BGA

Bevel, Gardner & Associates is adding a NEW four-day seminar titled Bloodstain Patterns on Fabric to its line-up of bloodstain training.  As a prerequisite, students must have attended a Basic/Level I course on bloodstain pattern analysis.

The key course objectives include:

  • Recognizing and describing the utilization of bloodstain pattern analysis in investigations and their inherent limitations, particularly in regard to fabrics and clothing.
  • Identifying key bloodstain patterns and demonstrating the ability to objectively classify them on difficult substrates such as fabrics.
  • Demonstrating the ability to evaluate bloodstained clothing.


The course includes a series of experiments that will evaluate the variability of impact angle on various fabric types, how classification criteria becomes ambiguous on fabric, differentiating various forms of contact from impact spatter stains, gravitational effect on volumes of blood on fabric, use of Advanced Light Source (ALS) and Infrared (IR) to visualize stains on dark substrates, washing effects on bloodstains and issues related to sequencing bloodstains.



Following instruction and experiments, students form groups to evaluate numerous clothing scenarios and then report their findings.

The Bloodstain Patterns on Fabric course explores the many limitations imposed when fabrics are the substrate on which bloodstain patterns are found. This knowledge will round out the analysts understanding of such substrates, which are common in bloodstained scenes.

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